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We are a husband/wife who love to try to capture the moment in photo. We live in Southern California.

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questions? shoot us an email! iris.natalie@gmail.com

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    Meghan + Steven

    David's cousin Meghan asked us to take some photos of her and her husband. The two of them have great chemistry and were easy to shoot. We had a fun afternoon searching out a location and enjoyed their company!

    KC + Amanda

    Amanda contacted me wanting to do a wedding 're-shoot'. They got married last December and decided to get more photos taken in their wedding clothes. They are so photogenic and were a ton of fun to shoot! As you can see I had a hard time choosing just a few shots...

    Jack + Jude

    Our friend Lindsey asked us to take some photos of her little boys, Jack + Jude. Jack's the big brother and has the coolest eyes. Lindsey wanted us to try to get a photo to show them off. Jude is a sweetheart and is always happy. Our shoot got cut short because of rain, so we want to do another one soon!