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We are a husband/wife who love to try to capture the moment in photo. We live in Southern California.

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questions? shoot us an email! iris.natalie@gmail.com

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    Hello Gorgeous

    Do you ever get sick of photos of Remy? 'cause I don't. :)


    Anonymous said...

    Nope, never get sick of them. they are awesome. beautiful girl, and great photographer, and its not cuz I am the mom..

    Dan and Carlie Harris said...

    i love these! especially the last. i really enjoy your use of light! what's your trick? what time do you usually take pics?

    Candice McWhorter said...

    can you say American Eagle ad? ummm, yes you can. this are great natalie

    Jenna said...

    3 things:

    This is my favorite session of yours that I looked at.

    That second shot is my favorite.

    I love your photo in your header. I've scrolled up to look at it like 5 times.