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We are a husband/wife who love to try to capture the moment in photo. We live in Southern California.

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questions? shoot us an email! iris.natalie@gmail.com

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    Announcing: The Winner!

    I counted each one of your entries by hand, in order, and figured there were 25 chances to win. The lucky person is...


    So let's set up time for this shoot!

    Thanks to all who entered. It means a lot to a growing business to have support!


    amber belmonte. said...

    i was just feeding the baby and reading blogs on my phone + saw this.. it took a minute for it to even register.. and then i died.

    OMG, i can't even believe it! i'm so freaking excited you have no idea! so do i email you? should i have my people call your people? ;) THANKS, YOU GUYS!

    David & Natalie said...

    sure email me- whatever is easiest. :)